Charlie is currently a Graduate Student at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying Sequential Art, or the Art of Visual Storytelling. While patiently waiting for his movie star career to take off, Charlie pursues his creative dreams in the entertainment industry through illustration, storyboarding, concept design, writing, or whatever the job calls for. He hopes to launch into the comic book, animation, film/television, or publishing industries, turning words on a page into an immersive visual experience! Aside from long walks on the beach AND SPEAKING IN THE THIRD PERSON, Charlie is inspired by all things superheroes, action, and comedy and loves to bring those together in his work.

Charlie is a creative, outgoing, and reliable individual with a detail oriented and think-out-side-the-box nature which has aided him not only in the creative realm, but also in many leadership roles and professional settings. He is open to both Freelance and Professional work!

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